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Acer 19V 3.42A 65W Charger 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 2.5)mm


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ACER 19V 3.42A 65W CHARGER 19V 3.42A (5.5 X 2.5)MM

Acer 19V 3.42A 65W Charger (5.5 x 2.5)mm

* Input power 100-240V ~ 2.0A 50-60Hz
* Output Power 19V — 3.42A
* Connector 1. (5.5 x 2.5mm)
* Compatibility Acer
* Compliant Standards CE, FCC and RoHS.

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    Acer 19V 3.42A 65W Charger 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 2.5)mm

    Compatible With Part Number:

    For acer :
    A000001200 A000001210 A000007020 A000007030
    ACC10 ADP-65DB ADP-65HB ADP-75FB-A ADT-W61
    API1AD43 K000000550 K000004120 K000005050
    K000019570 K000025320 K000027270 K000029300
    K000032420 K000032580 K000040250 K000040270
    K000040290 K000040460 K000041670 K000042840
    K000043680 PA-1500-02 PA-1600-01 PA-1600-02
    PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 PA-1750-01
    PA-1750-04 PA3165U-1ACA PA3380E-1ACA PA3380U-1ACA
    PA3396E-1ACA PA3396U-1ACA PA3432E-1AC3 PA3432E-1ACA
    PA3432U-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA PA3467 PA3467E PA3467E-1ACA
    PA3467U PA3467U-1ACA PA3468E PA3468E-1ACA PA3468U
    PA3468U-1ACA SADP-65KB SADP-65KBB V000055210
    V000055400 V000061300 V000061310 V000061690

    Compatible Models:

    1).For TravelMate and Aspire Notebooks:

    TM211T 212T 213TX TM340T TM 341T TM342 TM345T
    TM347T TM351TE TM350TE TM352TE TM352TE-N
    TM353TE TM353TEV TM354TE TM354TEV TM521TE
    TM524TXV TM525TE TM525TXV TM528TE TM551XV
    TM612TXC TM613TXV TM613TXC TM730TX TM732TX
    TM734TL TM735TLV TM738TLV TM739TLV
    1680(1681LCi 1681WLCi 1681WLMi 1683WLMi 1684WLMi 1685WLMi)
    2010 2020 3502WLC 3502WLCI 3502WLMI
    3603WXCi 3603WXMi 3602NWXM 3603WXCi 3603WXMi 3603NWXMi
    3603XCi 3608NWXCi 3608WXCi 3608WXMi 5002LMi 5002WLMi 5004WLMi

    2). For Aspire Series :

    1200 1410 (1414WLCi) 1640 (1642WLMi) 1650 1690 (AS1690LCi AS1690WLCi AS1690WLMi
    AS1691WLCi AS1691WLMi AS1692WLMi AS1694WLMi)
    3000 (3002LCi 3002WLCi 3002WLMi 3003WCi 3003WLCi) 3030 3500 (3502LCi 3502NLCi 3503LCi 3503WLCi ZL6) 3600 (3603NWXM) 3610 5030 5510 9100;

    3).For TravelMate Series :

    200DX 200T 201 201T 202 202T
    210 210T 210TER 210TXF 211
    211T 212 212T 212TE 212TXV
    213 213T 213TXV 222X 223X
    223XC 223XV 225X 225XC
    225XV 230XC 230XV 230XV-PRO
    233LC 233X 233XV 233XVi 234LCi
    261XC 261XV 260 261 261X 261XC
    261XV 270XV 272LC 272X 272XV
    272XVi 273X 273XV 275LC 281XC
    281XV 283LC 283LCi 283XV 283Xvi
    290LC 290LCi 290LMi 290XCi 290Xi
    290XMi 290XVi 291LCi 291LCi-G
    291LMi 291LMi-G 291XCi 291XCiH
    292LC 292LCi 292LM 292LMi 293LCi 293LMi;

    310 311 312 313 314 310T 311T
    312T 313T 314T 320 330T 332T
    333T 341TV 342T 343TV 345
    347 345T 347T 350TE 350TE-N
    351TE 351TEV 352TE 353TE
    353TEV 354TE 354TEV 361EVi
    364ECi 365 371LCi 371LMi 371TCi
    371TCi XP 371Ti 371TMi 371LCi
    371LMi 371TCi 371TCi XP 371Ti 371TMi

    512DX 512T 512TE 512T-64 513DX
    513T 514T 514TXV 515TE 516TE
    517TE 530LC 530LCi 530XC,530XCi
    530XV 530XVi 531LC 531LCi 531XC
    531XCi 531XV 531XVi 533LC 533LCi
    533XC 533XCi 533XV 533XVi 534LC
    534LCi 534TL 534XC 534XCi 534XV
    535LC 535LCi 536LCi 540LCi 540LMi
    541LC 541LCi 541LCib 541LMi 541XCi
    541XV 542LCi 542LMi 543LCi 543LMi

    600 602 603 604 610 611 612 613
    614 610TXC 610TXV 610TXVi 611TXC
    611TXCi 611TXV 612TXC 612TXCi 612TXV
    613TXC 613TXV 614TXVCi 620 621 623
    621LV 621XC 621XV 623LC 623LCi 630
    632 633 630XV 630XCi 632XCi 633LCi
    650LC 650XC 650XCi 653LC 653LCi
    653XC 653XCi 653XV 654LC 654LCi
    654XC 654XCi 654XV 655LCi 660LCi
    660LMi 661LC 661LCi 661LM 661LMi
    661XC 661XCi 661XVi 662LC 662LCi
    662LM 662LMi 662XCi 663LCi
    663LM 663LMi

    720 722 723 720TX 720TXV 721TX
    722iTX 722iTXV 722TX 723TX
    723TXV 730 732 734 735 730TX
    730TXV 732TLV 732TX 732TXV
    734TL 734TXV 735TLV 736 737
    738 739 736TL 736TLV 737TLV
    738TLV 739GTLV 739TLV 740
    741 744 740LVF 741LVF 744LCF

    800LC 800LCi 800LCib 800LMi
    800LMib 800XC 800XCi 801LC
    801LCi 801LCib 801LMi 801LMib
    801XC 801XCi 801XVi 802LCi
    802LCiB 802LMi 802LMib 802XCi
    803LC 803LCi 803LCib 803LM 803LMi
    803LMib 803XCi 803XVi 804LC 804LCi
    804LCib 804LM 804LMi 804LMib

    4).For acer Gateway Notebooks :

    S-7200 S-7200C S7200 S7200C
    CX200 CX200S CX200X
    S-7500 S-7500N S7500
    S7500N and etc.

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