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Lenovo ThinkPad T460S T470S Laptop Battery


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Lenovo ThinkPad T460S T470S Laptop Battery

01AV406 Battery Replacement for Lenovo ThinkPad T460S T470S Series SB10J79003 01AV405 01AV462 00HW024 00HW025 00HW038 01AV407 01AV408 SB10J79002 L16M3P73 SB10K97605 SB10F46462 SB10F46463 Laptop battery

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    Lenovo ThinkPad T460S T470S Laptop Battery

    Product Description

    Compatible Models:

    Thinkpad T460s 20F9003Y, T460s 20F9004NUS, T460s 20F9005DUS, T460s 20F90062, T460s 20F90072, T460s 20FA003G
    T460s 20F9003DUS, T460s 20F9003S, T460s 20F9004DUS, T460s 20F90057, T460s 20F9005U, T460s 20F9006K
    T460s 20F9007B, T460s 20F90036US, T460s 20F9003FUS, T460s 20F90041, T460s 20F90050, T460s 20F9005FUS
    T460s 20F9006C, T460s 20F90074, T460s 20FA003J, T460s 20F90018US, T460s 20F9003T, T460s 20F9004FUS
    T460s 20F90056, T460s 20F9005T, T460s 20F9006J, T460s 20F9007A, T460s 20F90035US, T460s 20F90040
    T460s 20F9004PUS, T460s 20F9005EUS, T460s 20F9006B, T460s 20F90073, T460s 20FA003H, T460s 20F90017US
    T460s 20F9003EUS, T460s 20F9003SGE, T460s 20F9004EUS, T460s 20F90058, T460s 20F9005V, T460s 20F9006V
    T460s 20F9007C, T460s 20F90037US, T460s 20F9003GGE, T460s 20F90042

    for Lenovo ThinkPad T470S Series:

    ThinkPad T470s 20HF0065US, T470s 20JS0016US, T470s 20JS0022, 470s 20HF000Y, T470s 20HF001W, T470s 20HF003RUS, T470s 20HF004V
    T470s 20HF005MUS, T470s 20HG004K, T470s 20JS001F, T470s 20JS002B, T470s 20HF0003, T470s 20HF001DUS
    T470s 20HF0026, T470s 20HF0000GE, T470s 20HF004N, T470s 20HF0067, T470s 20JS0018US, T470s 20JS0024US
    T470s 20HF0011US, T470s 20HF001Y, T470s 20HF003TUS, T470s 20HF005C,
    T470s 20HF006M, T470s 20JS001CUS, T470s 20JS0028, T470s 20HF0000,
    T470s 20JS0017US, T470s 20JS0023US, T470s 20HF0010US, T470s 20HF001X, T470s 20HF003SUS, T470s 20HF005B
    T470s 20HF005NUS, T470s 20HG004L, T470s 20JS001GUS, T470s 20JS002C, T470s 20HF0004, T470s 20HF001Q
    T470s 20HF0027, T470s(20HF0001GE), T470s 20HF004P, T470s 20HF0068, T470s 20JS0019US





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    Lenovo ThinkPad T460S T470S Laptop Battery
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