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Hp Spectre 13-V000 SO04XL Battery

Voltage: 7.7V. Capacity: 38Wh / 4950mAh/ 4Cells. Battery Type: Li-ion. Condition: Brand new, from high quality materials, top circuit boards and smart chip.

SO04XL SOO4XL S004XL 844199-850 844199-855 843534-1C1 843534-121 HSTNN-IB7J HSTNN-1B7J TPN-C127.

Compatible Laptop Models HP Spectre Pro 13 G1, Hp Spectre 13-V000 13T-V000 Series: 13-V014TU 13-V015TU 13-V016TU 13-V111DX 13T-V100 13-V000NA 13-V011DX 13-V021NR 13-V107NB 13-V151NR 13-V000NC 13-V000ND 13-V000NE 13-V000NF 13-V000NG 13-V000NI 13-V000NL 13-V000NM 13-V131NG 13-V133NG 13-V130NG 3-V102NG 13-V123TU 13-V082NG 13-V030NG 13-V101NG 13-V000NO 13-V000NQ 13-V000NS 13-V000NT 13-V000NU 13-V000NV 13-V000NX 13-V002NG.

Please Pay Attention There are two types connector of this SO04XL battery, please choose the right type according to your original battery. Picture shows above.

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Hp Spectre 13-V000 SO04XL Battery

SO04XL Battery for Hp Spectre 13-V000 13T-V000 13T-V100 13-V011DX 13-V111DX 13-V016TU 13-V015TU 13-V014TU 13-V001LA 13-V107NB, Spectre Pro 13 G1 Series 844199-850 844199-855 843534-1C1 TPN-C127

SO04XL Laptop Battery for HP Spectre 13 13-V016TU 13-V015TU 13-V014TU 13-V000 13T-V100 13-V151NR 13-V107NB 13-V000NA S004XL 844199-855 843534-1C1 HSTNN-IB7J TPN-C127(7.7V 38Wh/4950mAh)


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