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  • HP Spectre X360 15-CH YB06XL Battery

    • Compatible Models: YB06XL HSTNN-DB8H HSTNN-DB8V 928372-856 928427-271 926372-855 926427-271 928372-855 928427-272 TPN-Q200 YB06084XL Laptop Battery for HP Spectre X360 15-CH000 15T-CH000 2018 Series;Note 1: In order to find the right model, please open the back case of your laptop and check the model number of your original battery.2: Before installing the replacement battery, please read the manual carefully.
    • Compatible with HP Spectre x360 15-CH 2018 15-ch000 15-CH000NA 15-CH000NB 15-CH000ND 15-CH000NF 15-CH000TX 15-CH001NC 15-CH001NF 15-CH001NG 15-CH001NO 15-CH001TX 15-CH001UR 15-CH002NC 15-CH002NF 15-CH002NG 15-CH002TX 15-CH002UR 15-CH003NF 15-CH003NG 15-CH003NO 15-CH003TX 15-CH003UR 15-CH004NA 15-CH004NF 15-CH004NG 15-CH004NL 15-CH004NO 15-CH004TX 15-CH005NA 15-CH005NF 15-CH005NG 15-CH005NO 15-CH005TX 15-CH006NA 15-CH006NF 15-CH006NO 15-CH006TX
    • Compatible For HP Spectre X360 15-CH007NA 15-CH007NF 15-CH007TX 15-CH008CA 15-CH008NA 15-CH008TX 15-CH009NG 15-CH009TX 15-CH010CA 15-CH010TX 15-CH011DX 15-CH010ND 15-CH011NR 15-CH011TX 15-CH012NR 15-CH012TX 15-CH013TX 15-CH015NR 15-CH015ND 15-CH020ND 15-CH025ND 15-CH031GH 15-CH032NG 15-CH034NG 15-CH040NZ 15-CH050NA 15-CH055NA 15-CH060NZ 15-CH070NZ 15-CH075NR 15-CH090NZ
    • Model: YB06XL,Battery type: Li-ion,Voltage: 11.55V. Capacity: 84.08Wh/7280mAh. Cells: 6-cell.  for safety. 
    KSh 5,500
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