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Asus X401 Battery

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Asus X401 Battery


Asus X401 Battery

  • Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 5200mAh; Voltage: 11.1V; Cells: 6-cell. Recharge cycles:500; The battery is durable and has overcurrent protection, anti-overcharge, anti-overdischarge and temperature control functions.
  • Compatible Models: A31-X401 A32-X401 A41-X401 A42-X401
  • Compatible battery packs: F301, F301A, F301A1, F301U, F401, F401A, F401A1, F401U, F501, F501A, F501A1, F501U, S301, S301A, S301A1, S301U, S401, S401A, S401A1, S401U, S501, S501A, S501A1, S501U, X301, X301A, X301A1, X301Kb815A, X301Ki235A, X301U, X401, X401A, X401A1, X401Eb82A, X401Ec60U, X401Ee45U, X401Ei235A, X401U, X501, X501A, X501A1, X501U, X501Xb815A, X501Xb82A, X501Xc60U, X501Xe45U, X501Xi235A, A31-X401, A32-X401, A41-X401, A42-X401
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